About Us

Welcome to Violetmae.co Camera bags & Accessories 

Hi, I'm Aimee, 

After being a fashion photographer for many years, i left my full time fashion photography job on maternity leave and went back into freelance work, one of those jobs was just after my youngest daughter was born i headed off to Uluru the centre of Australia on a Fashion Photography Campaign, it was on this trip that i really felt self conscious of how ugly & boring my camera bag was, which promoted me to start researching fashionable yet vegan camera bags ( being a vegan myself this was important to me) after not finding what i was looking for i began to design my own, with a history in fashion design and graphic design i really enjoyed this process i decided i wouldn't only design it for myself but for everyone! Shortly after we released our first camera bag ( The Rubie camera bag ) we sold out with such positive feedback i decided to keep creating high quality fashionable vegan camera bags and accessories, i'm a strong believer that we as photographer's/videographers etc are creative people why shouldn't we be able to have fun and be creative with our camera accessories too?

My absolute heart is in this business i can't wait to create more, i absolutely love seeing all my customers enjoying having fun with their camera bags & accessories! 

Est in 2021, The name Violet Mae comes from my youngest daughter and the name of our first camera bag the Rubie comes from my eldest daughter. 

Violetmae.co is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.